(ONLY$29.9 TODAY_) Straight hair comb
(ONLY$29.9 TODAY_) Straight hair comb
(ONLY$29.9 TODAY_) Straight hair comb
(ONLY$29.9 TODAY_) Straight hair comb
(ONLY$29.9 TODAY_) Straight hair comb
(ONLY$29.9 TODAY_) Straight hair comb
(ONLY$29.9 TODAY_) Straight hair comb
(ONLY$29.9 TODAY_) Straight hair comb

(ONLY$29.9 TODAY_) Straight hair comb

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Have you ever experienced that panicking moment when you're about to change into a gorgeous dress and you come to realize that your hair is in an absolute mess? When your usual hair straightener is taking too long to fix your messy hair on a Friday night ?

This game-changing 3-in-1 Hair Straightening Brush could be the answer that you have been searching high and low for! This amazing hair brush is specially designed for speed and ease of use in mind, helping women look better for less!


This instant ceramic hair straightening brush straightens your hair and creates a silky-smooth hair in under 60 seconds!!

Built with triple-action system for straightening, detangling, styling and increasing the natural shine and volume of your hair. The hair straightener's advanced technology ensures your styling experience to be an effortless and tangle-free one, making it simpler and faster to straighten your hair compared to traditional flat irons or blow dryers. For best results, use on hair that has just been washed and dried. Suitable for all hair types from curly to straight hair.


  • Quick and easy : This instant hair straightener straightens hair as you run the heated brush through your hair in under 60 seconds (including 30 seconds to heat up) with minimal fuss and super easy to operate.
  • No burn : When the hair comb plate reaches the temperature of 200°C, the temperature on the tip of the brush is only 50° This comb will not burn your hair or scalp.
  • No harm : Anti-static technology helps to reduce frizz and removes tangles easily. It produces anion when heated to remove hair static and anions can also combine with air to produce moisture to help nourish hair. Safe on chemically treated hair (permed and colored hair ).
  • 360 ° Anti Winding Cable : Prevents the wire from twining.
  • Digital LCD temperature screen display.
  • Available in 2 beautiful colors : Pink & Black


  • Voltage : DC110v-220v
  • Power : 29W
  • Min/Max Temperature : 80°C/230°C
  • Available in US/UK/EU/AU plug*

Note: Please ensure you select the correct plug type for your country. We will not replace/exchange if you have selected the wrong plug type.


  • Thick hair: 210°C-230°C (410°F-446°F)
  • Normal hair: 190°C-210°C (374°F-410°F)
  • Thin, delicate hair: 170°C-200°C (338°F-392°F)
  • Oil treatments: less than 125°C (257°F)

Press the power button and hold for 3 seconds to turn on and off.